Norchem retains various certificates of accreditation from several government agencies and independent organizations. They are in recognition of continued compliance with laboratory standards for:

  • Personnel qualifications
  • Quality assurance and quality control programs
  • Resource and facilities management
  • Regular inspections by laboratory professionals
Agency Certification  

College of American Pathologists

Full accreditation for forensic drug testing.
LAP Number: 6913001
AU-ID: 1334964

Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).
CLIA Laboratory Certificate of Compliance
ID# 03D0936918.


State of California
Department of Health Services

Clinical Laboratory License – Drug Testing.
Lab ID# COS 800145


State of Florida
Agency for Health Care Administration

Clinical Laboratory License for the specialty of Toxicology.
Lab ID# 800023044.


State of Maryland
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Office of Health Care Quality Medical Laboratory Permit for Forensic Toxicology.
Permit #956 ; Control #49486


State of New York
Department of Health

Clinical Laboratory Permit for the purpose of Clinical and Forensic Toxicology.
Serial # LAP69606.

State of Pennsylvania
Department of Health

Clinical Laboratory Permit for Clinical Chemistry including Toxicology, Drugs, and Urine.


State of Texas
Department of Public Safety

Accreditation for Toxicology (Drug Testing)


American Association of Bioanalysts

Proficiency Testing Service Certificate of Participation.
“Norchem Drug Testing is a participant in a continuous program of quality control for laboratory testing.”

College of American Pathologists

“The College of American Pathologists recognizes Norchem Drug Testing For participation in the Surveys and Anatomic Pathology Education Program”

About Certification

Highest standards are only achieved if you are willing to be inspected by others. However, not all certifications apply to or are required in all circumstances. Standards that apply to the criminal justice system and forensic reliability are not the same as apply to commercial employment screening, or transportation services.

If you have a question about which certification is most applicable for your requirements, feel feel to contact Norchem at 1-800-348-4422.

Comparing Certifications