Our Story

Premium Substance Abuse Management

Norchem delivers premium substance abuse program management and
drug testing services to over 2,000 clients nationwide. These services result in improved outcomes and lower overall costs.

Our Clients

Our clients include:

  • Social welfare agencies
  • Third party administrators
  • Probation and parole agencies
  • Correctional facilities
  • Treatment and rehab providers
  • Employee placement services
  • Employers
  • Medical professionals
  • Physical medicine & rehabilitation

Our Team

Our forensic scientists analyze all of the commonly-abused drugs, enabling you to build customized testing panels. Our advanced information systems allow you to auto-order legally-defensible confirmation testing by either GC/MS or LC/MS/MS. And our web-based programs provide case management, random testing schedules, and real time results–direct from our certifying scientist to you. Our technical support team is available during working hours to answer your questions by phone or email. Additionally, our scientists provide on-site or telephonic testimony in every state.