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Your View: Designer Drugs Need Constant Vigilance
“Visibility and awareness are very important in the fight against designer drugs.” Cynthia Whiteman, Norchem Senior Analyst.
Arizona Daily Sun – October 30, 2011

New lab test detects 4 common types of Spice
“As specific drugs are detected with our techniques, you’ll see a decline in their use.” Bill Gibbs, Norchem CEO.
KSL-TV Salt Lake City – November 19, 2010

Can Eating Poppy Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?
“It’s not a myth at all,” explains Cynthia Whiteman, a senior analyst at Norchem. Food News – October 2010

  • The NFL Pot Policy, By The Numbers September 17, 2014
    The NFL last updated their marijuana policy in 1987 and for several reasons - including an increasing acceptance for medical marijuana to treat injuries - many argue it's long overdue. The League and the Players Association recently agreed on a proposed increase to the maximum threshold of marijuana needed to test positive on a drug test.
  • First legal Spokane marijuana customer struggles to find job September 17, 2014
    The man who lost his job after bragging on KREM 2 News about being the first person to legally buy marijuana said Monday he hoped to prove that not all marijuana users are bad employees. In July, Mike Boyer gave an interview to KREM 2 News where he spoke about his love of smoking marijuana.
  • Marijuana-Positive Drug Tests Rising Faster in Colorado Than Nationwide September 17, 2014
    Quest Diagnostics data that shows a nationwide increase in positive marijuana results during workplace drug tests -- with the numbers even higher in Colorado and Washington -- qualifies as the latter. However, a closer look at the numbers suggests that exercising caution before drawing sweeping conclusions would be wise.
  • Ravens safety Will Hill could get reduced suspension if/when new drug testing policy goes into effect September 16, 2014
    A lot has been made over Josh Gordon and Wes Welker regarding the two receivers getting reduced suspensions with the drug testing policy that is likely to go into effect in the next day or so. Gordon has previously been reported to be seeing a season-long suspension reduced to 10 games with Welker likely being reinstated immediately.
  • The GOP's Phantom Menace September 16, 2014
    Specifically, the Wisconsin governor wants to drug-test people applying for food stamps and unemployment insurance. So far, there are no details to share; insofar that there's a plan, it's a single line from a campaign document , detailing Walker's agenda for a second term.
  • Second Atlanta Police Officer Resigns Due to Alleged Drug Use September 16, 2014
    Officer Kurt Dralle, who was assigned to the precinct which covers Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, submitted his resignation on Thursday after allegedly failing a drug test . A police spokesman told the AJC that the test was not random, but Dralle had drawn suspicion from officials.
  • The Record: Northern Valley's policy September 16, 2014
    AFTER MONTHS of spirited and sometimes acrimonious debate, the Northern Valley Regional High School District abandoned the idea of randomly testing virtually all students for drugs. Instead the district decided to revamp its curriculum to emphasize the dangers of illegal drug use.
  • Crime Blotter: Two Central High students hospitalized after alleged drug use September 16, 2014
    Two seniors at Central High School were taken from school Monday and sent to the hospital after apparently ingesting synthetic marijuana, said Superintendent Michael Faulk. Faulk said the boys, ages 17 and 18, apparently used the drug while in the bathroom and they went into class where "they had issues," Faulk said, not elaborating.
  • Walker Releases Job Plan: Wants Drug Testing for Those Getting Government Assistance September 16, 2014
    Governor Scott Walker released his job plan on Sunday and has one point causing some controversy as he wants those receiving government aid for unemployment and food stamps to pass drug tests. Walker is calling his plan "Continuing Wisconsin's Comeback: Scott Walker's Plan for Greater Prosperity for All."
  • Sixth Circuit Says Manufacturer's Testing for Legally Prescribed... September 15, 2014
    Americans' use of prescription painkillers, anti-anxiety medications and other drugs with psychotropic effects has exploded over the past decade. Many of these medications include warnings for persons who take them with regard to driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • The Great Republican Hope: Scott Walker's Re-Election Push Includes Drug Testing Welfare Recipients September 15, 2014
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker , in a tight race for re-election , released a 62 page plan for "Greater Prosperity for All." Among the proposals, as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentimental reported, is the tired old canard of drug testing recipients of food stamps and unemployment.
  • Medical marijuana: 3 things employers need to know September 15, 2014
    Florida voters won't have their chance to fully legalize medical marijuana until Nov. 4, but business owners are already sweating. "The employers that are my clients are starting to ask questions about this law that is probably going to be on the books by the end of the year," said Angelo Filippi , director of the employment and labor law prac […]
  • Governor Walker stands by plan to require drug testing for aid programs September 15, 2014
    Governor Walker laid out a plan of action for re-election Monday morning, which includes touting a controversial plan to require drug tests for people seeking unemployment and food stamp benefits. "For those who are able-bodied, for those who are capable to get in the workforce, we should be showing that our programs and incentive is to get people into […]
  • Arizona Gop VP Resigns After Advocating Sterilization and Drug Testing for Medicaid Recipients September 15, 2014
    Former Arizona state Senator Russell Pearce resigned as Arizona Republican Party's first vice chair late Sunday after receiving criticism over recent comments he made about women on Medicaid. "You put me in charge of Medicaid, the first thing I'd do is get [female recipients] Norplant, birth-control implants, or tubal ligations," Pearce s […]
  • Greeley woman offers fast, mobile drug testing September 15, 2014
    For more information or to schedule drug testing, call 978-6867, email or go online to While working in an oil field office, Greeley native Sue Eatmon saw a need for quick, accessible drug testing and decided she should be the one to fill the need.
  • W.Va. pain clinics screening patients for pill use September 15, 2014
    The Charleston Gazette reports Hope pain clinics in Beckley, Fairmont and Kanawha City are charging patients $150 for an initial screening and $75 for subsequent visits.
  • New Twist in the Olmsted County Sheriff's Race September 15, 2014
    For the first time in 42 years, Olmsted County Deputy Sheriff's Association members made the decision to endorse a candidate for sheriff. Around 112 members make up the association.
  • Fulton Hogan botches sacking for dope September 15, 2014
    A Fulton Hogan worker was unjustifiably sacked after claiming he inadvertently ate two hash cupcakes, which led to him having 20 times the acceptable limit of cannabis in his blood. Jesse Kenmare had worked for the company's Nelson branch for six years before he was sacked in February 2014 when a random drug test discovered more than 300 nanograms per m […]
  • Prop 46: A Harmful Direction for Patients says Barton Health CMO, Clint Purvance September 14, 2014
    "If passed as written, Proposition 46 would discourage doctors from working in California, jeopardize patient privacy, and increase patient and government healthcare costs." Clint Purvance, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Barton Health.
  • Ulissi to return to racing in Trittico Lombardo September 14, 2014
    Italian Diego Ulissi is set to return to competition following almost three months away due to a doping test during the Giro d'Italia that came back with elevated levels of salbutamol. Lampre-Merida announced today that, after having carefully reviewed documents from Ulissi's attorney, and considering the rules of the Movement for a Credible Cyclin […]

Drug Trends in The Criminal Justice Market

Drug use among Norchem’s sampling population has slowly increased over the past five years. Out of all urine samples tested for drugs of abuse, the samples positive for at least one drug increased from 17.4% in 2007 to 20% in 2011.
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Drug Testing Myths “Busted”

The Norchem newsletters of busted drug testing myths has been consolidated for your convenience.


Sentences put on hold over Massachusetts. drug lab scandal
Scandal at a state drub lab puts thousands of criminal cases in jeopardy
AP October 15, 2012

Bath salts to blame for face-eating ‘zombie’ attack in Miami?
The man who chewed the face off a homeless man before being shot to death by police might have been under the influence of bath salts , according to reports from CNN affiliates in Miami.
CNN – May 31, 2012

Maine Strained By Use Of Cocaine-Like ‘Bath Salts’
States across the country continue to fight the spread of a dangerous new drug: bath salts.
NPR – October 18, 2011

Fighting the scourge of ‘pill mills’
According to the Centers for Disease Control, one American dies of a drug overdose every 14 minutes … with a rapidly increasing share of those deaths caused by prescription drugs. It’s the sort of statistic law enforcement officials in one Florida county know about all too well.
CBS Sunday Morning – October 16, 2011