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Your View: Designer Drugs Need Constant Vigilance
“Visibility and awareness are very important in the fight against designer drugs.” Cynthia Whiteman, Norchem Senior Analyst.
Arizona Daily Sun – October 30, 2011

New lab test detects 4 common types of Spice
“As specific drugs are detected with our techniques, you’ll see a decline in their use.” Bill Gibbs, Norchem CEO.
KSL-TV Salt Lake City – November 19, 2010

Can Eating Poppy Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?
“It’s not a myth at all,” explains Cynthia Whiteman, a senior analyst at Norchem. Food News – October 2010

  • USADA Contributes to Steroid Crackdown September 3, 2015
    The United States Anti-Doping Agency assisted the Drug Enforcement Agency in a nationwide series of enforcement actions targeting the global underground trade of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, the DEA said Sept. 1. The DEA reported "Operation Cyber Juice" saw more than 90 arrests and the seizure of 16 underground steroid l […]
  • Former Anniston restaurant owner gets maximum for animal cruelty September 3, 2015
    The Anniston Star is reporting that a former Anniston restaurant owner has received the maximum for a 2014 animal cruelty case through a split sentence. David Mogil received a 10 year split sentence Tuesday which will allow him to go free after serving 223 days in jail.
  • Work First drug-testing a sham September 3, 2015
    We have previously expressed our ambivalence when it comes to mandatory drug-testing for people to receive welfare, primarily because we are unaware of any study that shows that money spent on the testing is less than what is saved in extended benefits, therefore putting the taxpayers into the black.
  • Airline Industry Alert: Court Finds Federal Law Preempts State... September 2, 2015
    Executive Summary: In a decision that is good news for airline employers, a federal trial court in Minnesota has held that the state drug-testing statute, which prohibits discharging an employee the first time the employee fails a drug test, is preempted by federal law and the Federal Aviation Administration's 's drug testing regulations. See MN Ai […]
  • Higher Ground: The CannaQuiz September 2, 2015
    Take the Higher Ground CannaQuiz and see how you rate! Unless you have a medical-marijuana card, it is illegal for you to grow marijuana. While all the other legal states allow home grows, Washington does not.
  • FAA Proposes $174,600 Civil Penalty Against Mesa Airlines September 2, 2015
    The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration proposes a $174,600 civil penalty against Mesa Airlines of Phoenix for allegedly violating federal drug and alcohol testing regulations. The FAA alleges that Mesa hired six employees for safety-sensitive positions - five aircraft dispatchers and one quality assurance inspector - but […]
  • A new, deadly drug is extremely popular among high-school... September 2, 2015
    Synthetic cannabinoids, commonly referred to as synthetic marijuana, are a new deadly drug that are soaring in popularity among high-school-aged students, according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration. "[Synthetic cannabinoids] are the second most popular drug used by high school seniors, with marijuana being the first," DEA spokesman Matthew […]
  • Dentists Drill Patients for Drug Abuse Information September 2, 2015
    A new survey has found that more than three out of every four U.S. dentists ask their patients about illegal drug use. More than 1,200 dentists nationwide responded to the survey.
  • Louisiana Governor Approves Bill Allowing Hair Samples to Be Used for Drug Testing September 1, 2015
    Governor Bobby Jindal recently approved Act 74, which clarifies that hair tests are an acceptable method for employers to drug test potential hires. Hair testing detects drug use by an individual up to 90 days prior to the day the test is given.
  • WBC Prez Explains New VADA Drug Testing Program September 1, 2015
    The World Boxing Council made headlines when it issued a press release on taking a strong stance for a cleaner sport. The sanctioning body has embarked on a joint venture with the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency entitled the "WBC Clean Boxing Program'.
  • Marijuana's Legal, Now What? September 1, 2015
    Just a few years ago, cannabis was lumped into the illegal drug category along with heroin, cocaine, meth and plenty of other dangerous, addictive and impairing substances. It went without saying, marijuana did not belong in the workplace.
  • 150 cops in NegOcc negative in drug test September 1, 2015
    ALL 150 personnel of the Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group subjected to random drug testing were found negative for illegal drug use. Senior Superintendent Samuel Nacion, officer-in-charge of Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office , said Monday they do not have the copy of the official result from the crime laboratory yet, but i […]
  • Employer drug tests for pot to be discussed in Bellingham August 31, 2015
    A former TV reporter fired after testing positive for pot use will talk about how she thinks such tests are unfair during a free presentation Wednesday, Sept. 2. She was driving a work car when she got into a fender-bender while on assignment for KEZI on May 22 and was ordered, per company policy, to undergo a drug test.
  • Thief caught by using GPS gets prison time August 31, 2015
    A thief thwarted by a global-positioning system on a tablet computer he stole from a car was sentenced Thursday to six months at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio. Robert Selvera, 25, of the 600 block of Segur Avenue, also was ordered by Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Ian English to spend six months at the Correctional Treatment Facility, six months […]
  • What MMA writers won't dare write about? August 31, 2015
    MMA writers are quick to jump on athletes who overstep the bounds of political correctness, fail drug tests, and in some cases even break the law. Here's an idea that you aren't very likely to ever hear a sports writer write about.
  • Home of the Brave plans new women's facility August 30, 2015
    The Home of the Brave Foundation has announced plans to move its women's facility to the same 5-acre parcel outside Milford where the men's facility is located. The Home of the Brave Foundation has plans to move its homeless female veterans facility from downtown Milford to the five-acre site where its men's' facility has operated for nea […]
  • No drug tests yet in Work First program August 30, 2015
    Although drug testing became a requirement for some applicants and recipients of Work First benefits on Aug. 3, almost a month later no one has been tested for drugs. According to Sandra Cox, who manages the program for the Robeson County Department of Social Services, none of 40 recent applicants for the program that provides parents short-term training and […]

Drug Trends in The Criminal Justice Market

Drug use among Norchem’s sampling population has slowly increased over the past five years. Out of all urine samples tested for drugs of abuse, the samples positive for at least one drug increased from 17.4% in 2007 to 20% in 2011.
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Drug Testing Myths “Busted”

The Norchem newsletters of busted drug testing myths has been consolidated for your convenience.


Sentences put on hold over Massachusetts. drug lab scandal
Scandal at a state drub lab puts thousands of criminal cases in jeopardy
AP October 15, 2012

Bath salts to blame for face-eating ‘zombie’ attack in Miami?
The man who chewed the face off a homeless man before being shot to death by police might have been under the influence of bath salts , according to reports from CNN affiliates in Miami.
CNN – May 31, 2012

Maine Strained By Use Of Cocaine-Like ‘Bath Salts’
States across the country continue to fight the spread of a dangerous new drug: bath salts.
NPR – October 18, 2011

Fighting the scourge of ‘pill mills’
According to the Centers for Disease Control, one American dies of a drug overdose every 14 minutes … with a rapidly increasing share of those deaths caused by prescription drugs. It’s the sort of statistic law enforcement officials in one Florida county know about all too well.
CBS Sunday Morning – October 16, 2011