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Your View: Designer Drugs Need Constant Vigilance
“Visibility and awareness are very important in the fight against designer drugs.” Cynthia Whiteman, Norchem Senior Analyst.
Arizona Daily Sun – October 30, 2011

New lab test detects 4 common types of Spice
“As specific drugs are detected with our techniques, you’ll see a decline in their use.” Bill Gibbs, Norchem CEO.
KSL-TV Salt Lake City – November 19, 2010

Can Eating Poppy Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?
“It’s not a myth at all,” explains Cynthia Whiteman, a senior analyst at Norchem. Food News – October 2010

  • Huron County commissioners take show on the road October 4, 2015
    They are encouraging voters to say no to Issue 3, saying "legalization of marijuana would be extremely harmful" for Ohio. "About three years ago, Gary and I were talking about taking the show on the road to government classes, since we were both former educators," Dunlap said.
  • Drug-testing policies of government agencies vary due to Fourth Amendment concerns October 4, 2015
    Jefferson City employees are technically subject to random drug testing, even though those have largely been scaled back in the last two years due to budget cuts. However, what might be surprising for many is the city policy is not the norm for most governmental bodies.
  • Just Tell Your Teen, - Open Wide' October 4, 2015
    It would be nice to see long lines of parents queuing up to get the free drug test kits being offered in Ohio County. Want to bet whether it'll happen? Last week, U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld announced the kits are being made available through a federal program.
  • 100,000 NSW residents to be targeted in 'wasteful, unfair' roadside drug testing October 4, 2015
    Nearly 100,000 NSW residents each year will be subjected to roadside drug testing that police admit does not look for drugs that are still active in a person's system and critics say is about mass punishment of drug users, not road safety. Documents obtained by the NSW Greens under freedom of information laws show there is no lower limit of drugs that a […]
  • Heroin, cocaine defendants sent to treatment for probation violations October 3, 2015
    Two drug defendants will remain on probation after violating their separate sanctions, but will spend four to six months in locked-down treatment centers. Jon P. Godfrey, 27, of 433 Townline Road 79, New London, and Alaina L. Rowe, 27, of 117 W. High St., Plymouth, admitted to their separate complaints Wednesday.
  • Kenya bans two athletes for failing doping tests October 3, 2015
    By Hamid Shalizi Afghan security forces sit on top of a vehicle as they patrol outside of Kunduz city, in this October 1, 2015 file photo.
  • Quality of vinpocetine, picamilon supplements questioned by Ole Miss-Harvard study October 2, 2015
    A new analysis of over 50 dietary supplement products containing vinpocetine or picamilon has found that wide ranges in levels of the bioactives, with some products not containing anything at all. Scientists from the National Center for Natural Products Research at the University of Mississippi and Cambridge Health Alliance / Harvard Medical School report th […]
  • Statement on death of four airmen in Afghanistan October 2, 2015
    Found: Male, MinPin?, about 2?, not fixed, sweet, very smart. Found 9/25 inside Floresville Walmart.
  • 'Reasonable suspicion' a preferred option to random drug testing 9:51 ... October 2, 2015
    Supervisors should undergo reasonable suspicion training to enforce drug-free workplace policies and ensure worker safety, speakers said during the 2015 California Workers' Compensation & Risk Conference in Dana Point, California. Employers' written substance abuse policies should state that the use, possession or sale of alcohol or illegal dru […]
  • Millennium Health Lenders Said Sparring Over Bankruptcy Proposal October 2, 2015
    Millennium Health LLC is struggling to wrangle enough support for a debt restructuring plan that would allow it to settle a federal billing probe by a deadline this week, according to two people with knowledge of the matter. Some lenders that bought the biggest U.S. drug-testing lab's $1.8 billion loan at or near face value are demanding a bigger payout […]
  • Jud McMillin's 7 most controversial moments October 2, 2015
    Jud McMillin's 7 most controversial moments Indiana House Majority Floor Leader, who resigned amid a sex video scandal, was well acquainted with controversy. Check out this story on Rep. Jud McMillin, R-Brookville, is backing legislation to require drug tests of some welfare receipients.
  • Senate approves bill aimed at easing statea s opioid crisis October 2, 2015
    Prompted by a deadly wave of opioid addiction in the state, the Massachusetts Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a bill that would encourage doctors to consider new approaches for treating pain and would increase screening of public school students for potential substance abuse. The Senate vote came amid a flurry of action around the crisis that has been […]
  • Seaman drug testing policy causes controversy amid prescription drug problem October 1, 2015
    School officials say Seaman High School has a drug problem, and it's worse than students smoking pot and drinking alcohol. "You used to hear about kids smoking marijuana somewhat frequently, but it seems the drugs have gotten worse and worse," parent Megan Hayes told 13 NEWS.
  • How some Alabama hospitals quietly drug test new mothers - without their consent October 1, 2015
    In Alabama, a positive drug test can have dire repercussions for pregnant women and new mothers. Their newborns can be taken from them.
  • County to celebrate One Day 4-H Oct. 3 October 1, 2015
    Laborer needed, starting pay is $13+ depending on experience, must pass background check and random drug test. Apply by email or apply in person at 952 FM 99 Whitsett, TX 78075.
  • Retired Police Officer Criticizes Pot Legalization In Norwalk Talk October 1, 2015
    Retired police inspector William Butka told a crowd in Norwalk on Wednesday that legalized marijuana has had some negative effects in Colorado, and the same could happen in Connecticut if it were legalized here. Butka gave a presentation in Norwalk City Hall to a group that included law enforcement professionals, elected officials, substance abuse and mental […]
  • At midnight, marijuana is legal to buy in Oregon October 1, 2015
    And right now in Oregon, pot is big news . Wrote Mark Katches, the editor of The Oregonian/OregonLive, "You may never want to buy it, sell it, grow it, or smoke it.

Drug Trends in The Criminal Justice Market

Drug use among Norchem’s sampling population has slowly increased over the past five years. Out of all urine samples tested for drugs of abuse, the samples positive for at least one drug increased from 17.4% in 2007 to 20% in 2011.
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Drug Testing Myths “Busted”

The Norchem newsletters of busted drug testing myths has been consolidated for your convenience.


Sentences put on hold over Massachusetts. drug lab scandal
Scandal at a state drub lab puts thousands of criminal cases in jeopardy
AP October 15, 2012

Bath salts to blame for face-eating ‘zombie’ attack in Miami?
The man who chewed the face off a homeless man before being shot to death by police might have been under the influence of bath salts , according to reports from CNN affiliates in Miami.
CNN – May 31, 2012

Maine Strained By Use Of Cocaine-Like ‘Bath Salts’
States across the country continue to fight the spread of a dangerous new drug: bath salts.
NPR – October 18, 2011

Fighting the scourge of ‘pill mills’
According to the Centers for Disease Control, one American dies of a drug overdose every 14 minutes … with a rapidly increasing share of those deaths caused by prescription drugs. It’s the sort of statistic law enforcement officials in one Florida county know about all too well.
CBS Sunday Morning – October 16, 2011