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Your View: Designer Drugs Need Constant Vigilance
“Visibility and awareness are very important in the fight against designer drugs.” Cynthia Whiteman, Norchem Senior Analyst.
Arizona Daily Sun – October 30, 2011

New lab test detects 4 common types of Spice
“As specific drugs are detected with our techniques, you’ll see a decline in their use.” Bill Gibbs, Norchem CEO.
KSL-TV Salt Lake City – November 19, 2010

Can Eating Poppy Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?
“It’s not a myth at all,” explains Cynthia Whiteman, a senior analyst at Norchem. Food News – October 2010

  • Giants, players' association at odds over AFL drugs policy July 4, 2015
    The AFL Players Association and Greater Western Sydney chief Dave Matthews are at loggerheads over a call for illicit-drug testing to be part of a player's standard contract in a revised industry policy. As debate over the three-strikes policy rages, Matthews said on Saturday that change needed to be made and clubs must know about a player's positi […]
  • UMass chemist's drug thefts may have affected thousands more... July 4, 2015
    Sonja Farak is led from Hampshire Superior Court after pleading guilty to charges of tampering with drug evidence while she worked at the state lab in Amherst. She was given an 18-month jail sentence last year after admitting she stole some of the cocaine she was supposed to be testing.
  • Multi-talented Hayley Holt eyes career in politics July 3, 2015
    A radio stunt in 2013 almost ended Hayley Holt's career. But the ballroom dancing, snowboarding TV star refused to let it happen.
  • Drug tests for residents in troubled community July 3, 2015
    NARCOTICS officials are preparing to get all residents in the Suan Son Soi 9 community to undergo drug tests next Friday to determine if they have used narcotics. It is estimated there are about 500 residents in the drug-plagued community in Bang Kapi in Bangkok.
  • Addict jailed for 277th offence a Heroin addict has been jailed after ... July 3, 2015
    The latest five offences included three thefts, failure to give a drug test specimen at Colchester police station and assaulting a staff nurse. Steven Baker, 33, from Colchester, began his latest crime spree after he received a suspended sentence on May 29 for a series of thefts in Colchester.
  • Dangerous sex offenders front court over alleged order breaches July 3, 2015
    Two men deemed dangerous sex offenders have appeared in separate courts in Perth accused of breaching the strict terms of their release from custody. Patrick Comeagain, who now uses the surname Merritt, has an extensive criminal history that includes offences against a nine-year-old girl in 1994 and the sexual assault of two women, whose homes he broke into […]
  • A "Hotbox" Of Legal Issues: California's Workplace Marijuana Laws July 3, 2015
    With New York joining in last year, nearly half the country has laws permitting state residents to use marijuana for medical purposes, and a handful even permit recreational use. California led the movement when it passed the so-called "Compassionate Use Act" in 1996.
  • Queen to open new technology centre July 3, 2015
    The Queen is due to open an A 89m technology and innovation centre in Glasgow. But what lies behind its walls? On one floor, chemists are working on the rapid turnaround of blood tests, using impossibly small particles, leading to rapid diagnoses.
  • Wrong lessons July 2, 2015
    AUTHORITIES will look into a report that two public school teachers in Cebu Province are selling drugs and using their students as couriers. Cebu Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Commission Executive Director Joey Herrera said that he relayed the report from an informant to Cebu Provincial Police Office Director Noel Gillamac.
  • The People Have Spoken, and It's Time to Start Smokin'. . . Or Just Say No July 2, 2015
    It's July 1, 2015, and Oregon law now allows adults to lawfully use marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. Many employers have already faced questions from employees about the impact of the state's new marijuana law, and many more will face such questions in the coming weeks and months.
  • More than 100 motorists arrested in Essex during summer anti-drink and drug-driving campaign July 2, 2015
    Additional patrols through-out the month targeted busy night spots as well as more rural areas where drivers sometimes believe they can get away with drink-driving. In total 1,148 drivers were breathalysed, with 92 found to be over the legal limit or refusing to give a sample.
  • Cops undergo surprise drug testing July 2, 2015
    MEMBERS of the Philippine National Police Anti-illegal Drugs Special Operatives Task Force underwent drug testing on Thursday which is part of the PNP's campaign against illegal drugs among their ranks. AIDSOTF chief Benjamin Lusad said around 100 anti-narcotics agents took the test to "show that the AIDSOTF and the PNP is clean and free of illegal […]
  • Expelled student wins $1.5M verdict against Geisinger July 2, 2015
    A St. Clair woman won a $1.5 million verdict against Geisinger Medical Center this week after she was expelled from Bloomsburg University for refusing to immediately submit to a drug test. Angela Borrell was a student in the Nurse Anesthesia Program - which is jointly operated by the health system and university - in September 2012 when program Director Arth […]
  • Parramatta police beat: July 1 July 2, 2015
    A man, 24, was walking near the entrance of a unit block on Adderton Road on April 7 when he was approached by two men who allegedly claimed to be police officers and shone torches at him. They forced him to the ground and stole his wallet, phone and keys, ran to a grey Holden Astra and drove away.
  • Judge seeks grant to fund diagnosis, treatment for veterans and mentally ill offenders July 2, 2015
    Madison County Veterans Court and Mental Health Court judges recognize sometimes criminal behavior is a result of a deeper issue - like mental illness or substance abuse. "Sometimes it's because they don`t take the medication they`re prescribed for mental health issues or self-medicate with illegal substances or alcohol," explained Judge Ruth […]
  • Former Hudson prosecutor DeFazio transferred to post as criminal court judge July 1, 2015
    Judge Edward DeFazio, the former Hudson County prosecutor, has been transferred from the Family Division to the Criminal Division of Hudson County Superior Court. Hudson County Superior Court Judge Edward DeFazio, the former county prosecutor, has been transferred from family court to the criminal court bench.
  • Other view: Drug testing laws are a failure July 1, 2015
    Other view: Drug testing laws are a failure Indiana lawmakers would be wise to end pursuing drug testing of welfare reicipients Check out this story on The Indiana General Assembly would do well to consider a recent lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana before pursuing - once again - a state law […]

Drug Trends in The Criminal Justice Market

Drug use among Norchem’s sampling population has slowly increased over the past five years. Out of all urine samples tested for drugs of abuse, the samples positive for at least one drug increased from 17.4% in 2007 to 20% in 2011.
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Drug Testing Myths “Busted”

The Norchem newsletters of busted drug testing myths has been consolidated for your convenience.


Sentences put on hold over Massachusetts. drug lab scandal
Scandal at a state drub lab puts thousands of criminal cases in jeopardy
AP October 15, 2012

Bath salts to blame for face-eating ‘zombie’ attack in Miami?
The man who chewed the face off a homeless man before being shot to death by police might have been under the influence of bath salts , according to reports from CNN affiliates in Miami.
CNN – May 31, 2012

Maine Strained By Use Of Cocaine-Like ‘Bath Salts’
States across the country continue to fight the spread of a dangerous new drug: bath salts.
NPR – October 18, 2011

Fighting the scourge of ‘pill mills’
According to the Centers for Disease Control, one American dies of a drug overdose every 14 minutes … with a rapidly increasing share of those deaths caused by prescription drugs. It’s the sort of statistic law enforcement officials in one Florida county know about all too well.
CBS Sunday Morning – October 16, 2011