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Your View: Designer Drugs Need Constant Vigilance
“Visibility and awareness are very important in the fight against designer drugs.” Cynthia Whiteman, Norchem Senior Analyst.
Arizona Daily Sun – October 30, 2011

New lab test detects 4 common types of Spice
“As specific drugs are detected with our techniques, you’ll see a decline in their use.” Bill Gibbs, Norchem CEO.
KSL-TV Salt Lake City – November 19, 2010

Can Eating Poppy Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?
“It’s not a myth at all,” explains Cynthia Whiteman, a senior analyst at Norchem. Food News – October 2010

  • Public interest or sales ploy? October 20, 2014
    The Courier-Mail says its front page story on Nigel Baden-Clay is in the public interest. But his family believe it is just a cynical exercise to sell papers.
  • JAILED October 20, 2014
    Two fugitives have been arrested and arrived at the Huron County Jail about 8:50 p.m. today, a jail official said. Since Friday morning, county authorities had been searching for John W. Youngless III, 33, of 1546 U.S. 250 S., New London and Brittany N. Fernekees, 24, of 3764 U.S. 224 Lot 37, Greenwich.
  • Ammons, Williamson seek 103rd seat October 19, 2014
    Democrat Carol Ammons and Republican Kristin Williamson, the candidates for the state House in the district that covers most of Champaign-Urbana, have a lot in common. They even share opinions on a range of non-economic issues ranging from marijuana legalization and term limits to voter identification laws and requiring drug testing of public aid recipients […]
  • Drug testing by school system targets wrong group October 19, 2014
    I read the Oct. 11 article in The Citizen about the Monroe County School District's policy on testing students who participate in sports and extracurricular activities, and I asked myself: What is happening with our Fourth Amendment rights when we have to take our brightest and most productive students and subject them to random drug testing? For the co […]
  • Courts October 18, 2014
    Failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle - Bruce L. Huggins, 35, of Harrisburg, S.D; Bryan M. St. John, 29, of Trimont; each fined $105. Daniel J. Pockrus, 44, of Ceylon had extradition waived on a felony charge of fugitive from justice from other state.
  • Court Docket 10-17-14 October 18, 2014
    Samuel Dwight Weaver, 20, Joes, CO, Unlawful Flight, Aggravated Assault , Endangerment , Criminal Damage, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol with a Blood Alcohol Content of .08 or more, Driving Under the Influence Slightest Degree, False Reporting to Law Enforcement, Possession of Open Container of Spirituous Liquor Within Passenger Compartment of a Moto […]
  • Victim Of Negligence At Hands Of A Drunk Doctor, A Physician and... October 18, 2014
    The ad pictures a doctor drinking at a bar as a pager goes off reading "911-Report To ER." Proposition 46 will enact the first law in the nation requiring random drug and alcohol testing of doctors, and requires suspension of doctors who are impaired while on duty.
  • Authorities looking for pair wanted on drug charges October 18, 2014
    County authorities are searching for two local individuals wanted on drug charges, one of whom allegedly escaped this morning from the Huron County courthouse after a test for drugs in his system returned positive. Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt.
  • Commander: Hunter Biden knew drug test was coming October 18, 2014
    So says the commander of the Norfolk, Va.-based unit where Vice President Joe Biden's youngest son was assigned until his February discharge due to a drug test failure a month after his 2013 commissioning. "All sailors would be advised of the zero-tolerance policies when reporting aboard," said Capt.
  • Will Teresa Giudice take a finance class in jail? Gets $25 to complete course October 18, 2014
    Teresa Giudice might be going to prison in January, but she can still make a few bucks inside jail. Trying to rehabilitate people during their incarceration, the government offers classes on personal finance and Teresa can be part of the program.
  • Would Joe Biden Put His Son In Prison For Doing Coke? October 17, 2014
    So the son of our Vice President was booted from the military for doing coke . This must be an awkward situation for Joe Biden, given his role in cracking down on drug use over the last few decades.
  • Marin Voice: Proposition 46 is not good for medical care October 17, 2014
    If you think our health care system would benefit from more lawsuits, vote yes on Proposition 46. If you aren't sure, read on. Like many initiatives today, Proposition 46 contains reasonable measures that would improve patient safety.
  • Corbetta s Inability to Understand Pa.a s Economy in 4 Charts October 17, 2014
    Tom Corbett seems determined to end his governorship the same way he arrived: By blaming the poor for their inability to find good work in Pennsylvania. He did it again this week, in a meeting with the PennLive editorial board, saying more people could find work in the state if only the could pass pre-employment drug screenings.
  • Drug Free Clubs gets big push October 17, 2014
    Instead of saying no to drugs, area students may soon be saying "I can't" when they are confronted with drugs. Area officials, business leaders, law enforcement and education officials met at the Blennerhassett Hotel Thursday to hear a presentation about the Drug Free Clubs of America program in high schools.
  • Sources: Hunter Biden Leaves Navy After Drug Test October 17, 2014
    Our opinions are unbiased and unfiltered, and we never hold back. But the most important voice in D.C. sports is yoursa that's why our phone [...] All News 99.1 WNEW Latest News Headlines Click Here News Tips 301-902-1380 Questions/Comments - Radio & Web Listen To WNEW Stream 99.1 FM Connect with WNEW […]
  • VP Biden's son leaves Navy after drug test October 17, 2014
    Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been kicked out of the military after testing positive for cocaine, two people familiar with the matter said Thursday. Biden, a former lobbyist who works at an investment firm, was discharged from the Navy Reserve in February, the Navy said in a statement.
  • Sources: Hunter Biden leaves Navy after drug test October 17, 2014
    Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been kicked out of the military after testing positive for cocaine, two people familiar with the matter said Thursday. The Navy said that Biden, a former lobbyist who works at a private equity firm, was discharged in February - barely a year after he was selected for the part-time position as a […]

Drug Trends in The Criminal Justice Market

Drug use among Norchem’s sampling population has slowly increased over the past five years. Out of all urine samples tested for drugs of abuse, the samples positive for at least one drug increased from 17.4% in 2007 to 20% in 2011.
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Drug Testing Myths “Busted”

The Norchem newsletters of busted drug testing myths has been consolidated for your convenience.


Sentences put on hold over Massachusetts. drug lab scandal
Scandal at a state drub lab puts thousands of criminal cases in jeopardy
AP October 15, 2012

Bath salts to blame for face-eating ‘zombie’ attack in Miami?
The man who chewed the face off a homeless man before being shot to death by police might have been under the influence of bath salts , according to reports from CNN affiliates in Miami.
CNN – May 31, 2012

Maine Strained By Use Of Cocaine-Like ‘Bath Salts’
States across the country continue to fight the spread of a dangerous new drug: bath salts.
NPR – October 18, 2011

Fighting the scourge of ‘pill mills’
According to the Centers for Disease Control, one American dies of a drug overdose every 14 minutes … with a rapidly increasing share of those deaths caused by prescription drugs. It’s the sort of statistic law enforcement officials in one Florida county know about all too well.
CBS Sunday Morning – October 16, 2011