The Norchem Difference

Norchem delivers premium substance abuse program management and drug testing services to over 2,000 clients nationwide. These services result in improved outcomes and lower overall costs.

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State-of-the Art Facilities

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to meet the needs of our clients. Lean work practices utilizing advanced liquid-handling robotics make our specimen processing methods “the industry leader” for quality and speed.

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Norchem Sentry ™

Norchem Sentry™ enables evidence-directed decisions in substance abuse monitoring programs. Sentry’s revolutionary integration of alerts, supervision, and instant access to information drives better outcomes while saving time–directly lowering your agency’s costs.

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Bath Salts and Spice

Through sophisticated technology, Norchem has developed a lab-based test that definitively confirms the presence in urine of many designer drugs

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