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Fighting substance abuse requires information. Whether you are looking for a treatment provider or how long drugs stay in your system, preparing for court or for a statewide RFP, or just needing to know more about drugs and their effects the following links will help.

Legal Resources
Norchem will help you with your legal cases. Affidavits, litigation packets or in person testimony. We will defend our test results.

Science & Technology
Norchem is always on the hunt for the latest in analytical technologies to help us stay ahead of the constantly evolving new drug developments.

Drug Testing
Testing people is the only full proof way to know if they are using drugs. Be sure you choose a certified testing lab.

Drugs and Society
Substance abusers commit more crimes, cause more property damage and are more likely to get injured or sick than non abusers. If you are in a job to fight against substance abuse we can help.