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An Evolving Industry

The drug testing industry has evolved along with science, society and the law. In this resource area of our site we will offer you information and links about the latest trends in our industry.


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General Drug Testing Information

Information about drug metabolism, drug detection and identification.


Pharmaceuticals That Can Cause Positive Urine Test Results Using GC/MS Confirmation

Sources of Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, THC, Opiates and Cocaine


Passive Inhalation of Marijuana Smoke and Urine Drug Test Results

Can a person passively inhale enough marijuana smoke, when in the company of marijuana smokers, to cause them to have a positive urine test?


Positive Screen Test Results with Negative GCMS Results

Medications That Can Cause a Positive Screen Test Result and a Negative Result By GCMS


Drug Testing Myths Busted

Norchem’s archive of drug testing myths and the truth revealed.


Adulteration of Urine Fact Sheet

With the increase in drug testing over the last several years, there has been a corresponding rise in cases of specimen tampering to mask positive results. Many laboratories have responded by offering specific adulteration testing. The report is a discussion of the various methods of specimen tampering, common adulterants and suggestions for identifying altered specimens.

The Drugs of Abuse Cross Reference Table

List of drugs and their commercial names, street names, detected substances, physical symptoms, dangers and detection window.



Helpful Links

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Drug Testing News

Comprehensive source for up-to-date news & information on the drug & alcohol testing industry including legislation, legal issues, business, & technology.


Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)

Education, resources, and advocacy to those involved in and interested in drug and alcohol testing