Oral Fluid Observed Collection

Legally Defensible Specimen Collection

This video demonstrates the steps required for an observed legally defensible oral specimen collection for drugs of abuse testing. Failing to follow all of these steps could make it difficult to impossible to legally defend the test results produced from the specimen.

The key aspects of a legally defensible oral specimen collection and chain of custody are:

  1. A completed, legible, and signed Chain of Custody
  2. Direct observation of the specimen being produced.
  3. Sealed specimen with donor’s initials and the date on the specimen seal. Date, initials and barcode number must match Chain of Custody.
  4. Seal placed in a manner that would make any tampering evident.

The step by step procedures needed to accomplish these four points are illustrated in this video.

Failing to perform or failing to perform correctly any of these steps could invalidate the defensibility of the test in court and compromise the goals of the agency’s drug testing program.