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Norchem uses state of the art technology to ensure good program compliance and legally defensible test results. Specimens are robotically aliquoted to avoid cross contamination. Enzymatic Immunoassays are the preferred screening technique followed by highly sensitive and specific liquid or gas chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry. These techniques provide a a legally defensible confirmation and are required and endorsed by all major certifying organizations.

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GC/MS is a combination of two different analytical techniques, Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. GC/MS, with the use of internal standards, provides a multidimensional drug identification and quantitation procedure that is the leading confirmation method for forensic drug testing.


Individuals who suffer from diabetes commonly exhibit renal malfunction that results in an excessive amount of glucose and protein in their urine.


Historical development of certification programs for drug testing laboratories.


With the increase in drug testing over the last several years, there has been a corresponding rise in cases of specimen tampering to mask positive results. Many laboratories have responded by offering specific adulteration testing. The report is a discussion of the various methods of specimen tampering, common adulterants and suggestions for identifying altered specimens.


Norchem is committed to being the premier forensic drug testing (FDT) laboratory nationwide. Our commitment to the most stringent scientific and technical evaluations of our confirmation validation methods, which meet or exceed Kelly-Frye standards


The urine creatinine level is used in two ways; first as an indicator of specimen validity and second in determining “new use” of marijuana


List of drugs and their commercial names, street names, detected substances, physical symptoms, dangers and detection window.